Supporting Your Local LGBTQ+ Non-Profit

There are many ways community members can take part in supporting the Stonewall Alliance Center. Whether it’s helping out around our center, participating in outreach events, or being part of planning committees, your hard work directly supports our center. Our organization is primarily made up of volunteers and we rely upon you, members of our community, to be the foundation of our center. We truly appreciate each of our volunteers and the special gifts they all bring to our organization.



Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Stonewall Alliance Center!

Here are the ongoing volunteer opportunities for the Stonewall Alliance Center

  • Office Support- cleaning, organizing, folding pamphlets, etc

  • Office Reception- greeting visitors, answering phones, and taking messages

  • Data Entry- entering member contact info into our community database

  • Outreach Intern/ Volunteer- Tabling at Thursday Night Market and other local events including festivals, workshops, and educational seminars

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Join Our Board

Be the advocate and leader your community needs

The Stonewall Alliance Center invites members of the Chico community to take an active role in supporting the Chico LGBTQ+ by becoming part of our Board of Directors.

We at Stonewall Alliance Center depend on the input of Chico residents to grow and support the Chico LGBTQ+ community. If being part of a leadership role inspires you please consider joining our team.

Apply to be a Stonewall Alliance Board Member →Send cover letter and resume to



Become part of a planning committee or educational outreach opportunity

Often, the Stonewall Alliance Center is planning events, panels and educational outreach workshops in Chico and surrounding areas. If you would like to be involved in these projects please contact our office at (530) 893-3336 or

Periodic Opportunities

Are you unable to take on a larger volunteer role? We understand! If you would like to take on a smaller volunteer role we have plenty of opportunities. Your help, no matter how big or small, is an invaluable asset to ensuring the Stonewall Alliance Center can do our best to serve the LGBTQ+ community here in Chico. We always welcome your help and support!

Here is a list of possible roles

  • Design graphics & materials for Stonewall events and campaigns

  • Assist Stonewall staff in marketing / publicizing fundraising events

  • Assist staff at annual Stonewall fundraising events

  • Make phone calls to donors and sponsors for fundraising

  • Photograph stonewall events

  • Edit / write articles for the Stonewall blog or newsletter

  • Help with mailings

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